About Hillcrest Dental Group Services

The dental needs of your family are best served by the modern facilities and procedures utilized at Hillcrestdental Group. Your good dental health is ensured by the preventative and corrective treatments implemented through the long-established experience of doctor.

Services we offer include, but not limited to :

  • Comprehensive, recall and regular check- ups and oral exam
  • Emergency treatment
  • Fillings, regular and deep cleaning
  • Children dentistry
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth extractions
  • Crown and bridges
  • Partial and full dentures
  • Night guard and sports appliances

  • Mercury free white fillings
  • Veneers and bonding
  • Tooth whitening
  • Metal free crowns and bridges

  • Low radiation digital x- ray
  • Digital imaging, intra oral camera for close up view of your teeth
  • Fully computerized patient records
  • Gentle ultrasonic cleaning
  • Thorough education and explanation of treatment
  • High standards of sterilization and infection protocols
  • State of art treatment rooms
  • Quality, comfort and personal care